Risk Live Speaker & VIP Lounge

Risk Live Speaker & VIP Lounge

Lead generation/ Customer engagement/ Exclusive networking

The VIP Lounge at Risk Live is a dedicated area of the showcase (exhibition) exclusively available to speakers, invited guests and senior attendees (VIPs).


Exclusive sponsorship of the VIP Lounge will include the opportunity to:

  • Offer premium event hospitality to Risk Live speakers, VIP guests and clients
  • Receive the details of VIP attendees of the lounge post-event
  • Host the speaker registration area in the VIP lounge – facilitating easy introductions to your senior team
  • Host/ moderate off the record Q&A sessions in the Lounge with keynote speakers
  • Host book signings in the Lounge with Risk authors
  • Offer a gift or giveaway to VIPs
  • Receive prominent brand positioning in the post-event thank you to VIP attendees
  • Host a wine/ beer tasting for the VIPs in the lounge during the refreshment break
  • 2 staff passes (in addition to speaker passes)
  • 3 VIP passes for clients (end-users only)

Investment from £25,000