Risk Live 2019

Risk Live is a pioneering festival of learning, connecting up to 500 industry leaders and disruptors from the entire risk ecosystem. Join Duncan and his team to unpick the issues of today and answer the complex question – what is the future of risk?


Developed by the Risk.net editorial team, Risk Live 2019 will give you and your team the information needed to cope with a period of radical change in risk management and risk transfer markets. By bringing the entire risk ecosystem together in one place – and focusing on the critical market issues and trends as suggested by Risk.net subscribers – this pioneering festival of ideas will show you what’s changing, how others are adapting, and how you and your business can get ahead.

The event will be attended by more than 400 influential industry stakeholders from over 200+ banks, buy-side firms, academic institutions, regulators, tech providers and more. 


Alpha, beta and data
  • Tail risk hedging: Crisis alpha for tomorrow’s crisis
  • Panel: The new quant investor - making sense of alternative data
  • Advances in liquidity modelling
  • Debate: Quant funds are to blame for their own downfall, discuss
  • The new quant investor: How to get an edge in index investing
New ways of working
  • New post-trade paradigm - slashing the industry’s post-trade bills
  • The front office of the future
  • DLT and smart contracts
  • Ledgers, smart contracts and the bank of the future
  • Getting the best out of people and machines
  • Changing business models for banks and NBLPs
Tomorrow’s CRO
  • How JP Morgan captures emerging risks
  • Top 10 op risks live ranking panel
  • Quantum computing & risk
  • The rules of successful risk management
  • How to use Machine Learning in risk management
  • New tech, new tools for risk managers 
The RFR Revolution
  • Libor reform in the US
  • Libor reform in Europe
  • Transition quick-fire talks: Preparing for transition
  • Term RFRs expert panel: Will term RFRs work?
  • Term RFRs - How to build a term RFR
  • Regulatory insight: Libor reform in the UK 
Content-led working breakfasts
  • Overcoming 3rd party supplier risk
  • Portfolio optimization
  • Tech innovation strategy for CROs 
  • XVA, credit, funding and CVA
Networking lunch | Including private lunch & learn sessions:
  • Effective fraud risk management frameworks
  • Stress testing 
  • Preparing for the transition from Libor
  • Implementation of AI

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27 June 2019
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