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Risk Learning course: Credit risk management

Start Risk Live early by attending this interactive in-person learning experience covering the most topical issues related to credit risk. The live course titled Credit risk management will take place in Nashville on Tuesday, October 15, 2024.

Participants will explore the possibility of increased loan defaults and the interest rate impact on credit risk portfolios while analysing best practices for managing these situations. Through a group discussion, participants will network with other professionals to discuss ways to mitigate credit risk during uncertain times.  

With recent implementation of the newest Basel guidelines and CECL, participants will delve into the nuances of regulatory compliance and examine the implications for their respective institutions. Guided by an expert speaker, participants will learn about building credit risk model validation framework and explore the impact of AI/ML, ending the course with a case study and Q&A.  

Key reasons to attend

  • Discuss impact of commercial real estate loan default  
  • Explore CECL implementation and Basel IV implications  
  • Learn how to build a framework for credit risk validation  
  • What you will learn  

Distinguish different types of credit risk  

  • Maintain compliance with Basel regulations  
  • Integrate credit risk model validation framework  
  • Improve credit risk model accuracy and efficiency  
  • Build a framework to validate credit risk portfolio models  

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Credit risk management